What we love this week


We are a little bit obsessed with Lenah Dunham at the Purple Valley head office, and are super excited that Girls has came back for yet another year of madness. Only two episodes in and we are hooked. To quickly recap the first episode 'Wedding Day' takes you away from New York to Marni being a bridezilla on her wedding day. We have the three girls trying to survive the day as bridesmaids and Adam and Jessa smooching in the garden. But for us, Ray really makes this episode by giving an amazing feminist speech to Fran while pining over Marni. "I mean do you ask her how she feels about things? what she's thinking about? what are her opinions about transgender politics? the afterlife? because young men today they don't ask those types of questions, all they ask is what they can get from the given situation, they demand faithfulness and they suck the spirit out of women who are so fucking spirited" OMG, we love you Ray Ploshansky.  

We were super thrilled to be taken back to NYC in the second episode 'Good Man'. Now back to the norm, Lenah has left plenty of room for girls famous awkward encounters and quirky jokes that totally brightened up our Monday night. To begin, Hannah meets Frans Psychotic roommate, flashes him her bits and quickly moves out taking Fran with her. Once relocated to Hannah's, poor Fran becomes a third wheel to her and Elijah's ongoing strange flatmate/ ex relationship. Hannah then has to rescue her dad's wallet from a gay man's house, and attempts to comfort him for having unprotected sex. Ray has a run in with the owners of a new coffee shop that has opened up across the road. The problem being that they are too hipster to provide lids. He mistakes a female worker for a man, and get pissed off at the fact that they have named there shop after the font, Helvetica. During all of this Jessa and Adam are having a date but not a date at the fun fair, and being the responsible adults they are manage to kill a goldfish on the way home. We wont go into too much more detail about there day out but we would say this episode and the one before are well worth a mid week watch. 


Everyone has been taking about Leo and his long overdue Oscar this week, us included. Who would have thought that after waiting 22 years for an oscar, Leo would calmly stroll up on stage give everyone his famous dazzling smile then talk about the importance of climate change. We were the ones speechless, pretty sure it was supposed to be the other way around. We're glad he won it this year, but like most feel it was deserved a long long time ago. Take a look at this vid of his performance in Romeo and Juliet, that should have bee an oscar right there. Just to say, we're totally anti guns here at purple valley but boy does Leo holding one make us weak at the knees.


Incase you missed this one, it was World Book Day on Thursday. So we thought we would show some much needed appreciation for our fav book of the mo. We have picked a book, no not a book, a BIBLE that is 100% total fashion inspo. This fashion bible we speak of is called 'Women in this town' by Giuseppe Santamaria. If you haven't heard of Giuseppe before he is the man who brought you, the ultra cool fashion street style websites www.menintown.com and www.womenintown.com. He jumps from fashion capitol to fashion capitol seeking out the everyday woman, whose strong confident dress sense shouts volumes about who they are. This amazing book is bursting to the rim with inspirational photos, showcasing these sassy fashionistas and provides some profiles on a handful of the unique quirky women he captured. We discovered Australian fashion blogger Hayley Hughes through one of these profiles and instantly fell in love with her colourful, bright style. Check out her website here. http://www.fashionhayley.com.                So, if you are looking to buy a new book and would like to see up close and personal what trends dominated the streets of 2015, then we highly recommend 'women in this town' for you. Trust us it will be on your nightstand for the next few months to come.


Polica's current release 'Wedding Day' from there latest album United Crushers has been way up on our music radar this week. We love their trip hop, informed pop sounds and deep lyrics sung by front woman Channy Leanegha. 'Wedding day' deals with the relationship between the public and the police. In the song Leah consistently condemns the police's aggression and brutality that was so rife in 2015. She's not outright saying Fuck the Police as clear as NWA, but she does verbally paint a strong picture of social injustice. Go Girl. The album itself, is a rollercoaster of complex emotions and takes some time and patience to get used too. However, we love 'Wedding Day' and the albums colourful artwork so much we had to feature them on this week's love list.  Strangely Samantha Cameron has claimed that Polica is her fav band, we wonder does the PM's wife agree with Channy's political views or just like there alternative sound.


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