Fashion Inspo: NY & London Fashion Week

Colour, shapes and fur, is the three words we would use to describe this years London Fashion Week. Fall 2016 seems to be channeling the 80's vibes and we love it. We can't ignore the fact that the 70's style is still going wonderfully strong but we are super excited that there is also a shift towards the next fun filled era. So lets talk designers :).

One to watch is Leaf Xia, she is a new girl on the fashion block but boy does she make an impact. Leaf is inspired by collage and uses super cool oversized shapes and bright colours to make unique standout pieces. We love how retro and abstract this collection is.

Next on our list is a women who needs no introduction the wonderful Anya Hindmarch. As usual her collection is playful this years is a retro gamers heaven. Her style is quirky and her coats and accessories feature plenty of pixels, space invaders, pac man ghosts and our fav fried eggs. Now who doesn't love a fried egg patch on there grey boyfriend coat. We are also totally mad about her boots and bags that resemble out sticker filled high school jotters. 

We have a girl crush on the extremely talented Roberta Einer. Roberta Graduated from Uni last year and two months later launched her own fashion label which quickly got praised and featured in top fashion mags all over the world. At the age of 23 She has been labelled the one to watch and we can see why. She has taken traditional styles and methods twisted them with vibrant colours, graphics and modern fabrics to create a coture teen pop style. We will be dreaming about that red and pink fur coat tonight.

Shrimps have always been a fav of ours and once again they do not dissapoint with there whimsically 80's grunge AW16 collection. There is lots of red, pink and black mixed with leather, spots, silk, houndstooth and fur all typical traits of the era. Keep your eyes out for there staple illustration style too.

Libertine were in New York Fashion week but we loved their stuff soo much we had to add them to our list. Libertine really know how to channel the 80's there collection is full of iconic patches, stick on gems, and protest slogans made out of messy hand cut type. It's bold, colourful and busy. Their menswear collection is just as punktastic as the womens. 

We have kept our favourite designer of the list until last. We are head over heels for Ryan Lo's next collection; it's floral, feminine and totally oozes retro funk. He has managed to blend the 70's, 80's and 90's perfectly together to create a unique bright and bold autumn/ winter collection. Expect to see boho patterns that were a staple of the 70's, 80's style baggy bright knit jumpers and 90's silk and chiffron pastel dresses. We also cant forget those gorgeous colourful fur jackets that seems to be a firm favourite on the catwalk this year. Does anyone else also find themselves drooling over those large pom pom socks?

We are sad that fashion week has come and gone so quickly but it takes us one step closer to autumn when all these bad boys will be released. We hope we have inspired you too rethink the traditional autumn browns and greens and make you next fall a bold and bright one. Be sure too keep your eye on Purple Valley for vintage finds that look like they could have jumped straight off the catwalk and into out store. Here's a couple that come to mind.